June 24, 2021

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    Red Line

    Orange Line

    Green Line B

    Green Line D

    Green Line E

    Blue Line

    Station Issue ONGOING
    Suffolk Downs pedestrian bridge is closed until further notice due to structural issues. Customers can connect to the other platform by exiting at Orient Heights or Beachmont and taking a train back to Suffolk Downs.


    Fairmount Line

    Fitchburg Line

    Framingham/Worcester Line

    Franklin Line

    Greenbush Line

    Haverhill Line

    Kingston Line

    Lowell Line

    • Service Change ONGOING
      Due to safety concerns, Winchester Center on the Lowell Line will be closed until further notice. Trains will not be stopping at the station. Passengers should consider Wedgemere as an alternative.

    Middleborough/Lakeville Line

    Needham Line

    Newburyport/Rockport Line

    Providence/Stoughton Line

    • Schedule Change UPCOMING
      Starting on Monday, June 28th, time adjustments will be made to Stoughton Train 864 (originally 7:10 am from Stoughton) and Train 884 (6:15 pm from Stoughton). Check the new summer schedule for more details.