Delhi: Railways to beat fog this winter

December 5, 2018
    Northern railways prepares action plan to combat foggy weather

    The Northern Railways has devised an action plan to combat foggy season and decided to provide 2,648 fog safety devices in trains to ensure safety and punctuality.

    Fog safety device is a GPS based equipment which provides advance warning to loco pilots about approaching signal. These have been provided to them for use during train operations.

    Automatic signalling system will be converted to modified semi automatic signalling system during this time.
    Sufficient walkie-talkie sets will be provided to crew and station staff. Signal indication booklets are provided to assist the loco pilots and their counseling is done for working during fog and issuing consolidated instructions for working.

    Railways will also revise crew links to cater to cancellation of some trains during foggy weather. Extra crew is made available to avoid excess duty hours during late running of train.

    Moovit wishes you happy and safe travelling!!




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