November 29, 2018
    Train 18 — the country’s first engine-less semi-high speed train is likely to start operating by December 15


    Train 18 is currently undergoing trials in Moradabad.
    With a maximum speed of 160 kmph Train 18 will run between either Delhi and Varanasi or Delhi and Bhopal.
    The fully air-conditioned Train 18, driven by a self-propulsion module was launched last month amid much fanfare by Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani at the Integrated Coach Factory in Chennai.
    The gleaming, blue-nosed Train 18 has a cone-shaped frontage, similar to a bullet train.
    Train 18 has diffused lighting, an on-board infotainment system with Wi-Fi, vacuum toilets and sliding doors, besides a GPS-based passenger information system a climate control system that would adjust the temperature according to occupancy and weather.

    The footstep in a coach’s doorway slides outward when the train stops at a station to help passengers alight safely with comfort.
    Train 18 will have two executive compartments which will have 52 seats each, and trailer coaches will have 78 seats each. The executive class will have rotating seats to match the direction of the train.

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