Railways create history by converting diesel locomotive to electric traction

December 13, 2018
    Railways plans to discontinue diesel locomotives, convert them to electric traction and utilize them for their maximum service life.

    Keeping with the mission of 100 per cent electrification and de-carbonisation Indian Railways has created history by first-ever conversion of a locomotive from diesel to electric traction besides that with almost double the power with indigenous technology under Make in India.

    The Railways have this claim because for the first time in the world the DLW officials have converted an engine from diesel traction to electric traction.

    Most importantly, the new indigenous electric locomotive delivers 5,000 horsepower which is 92 per cent more than the 2,600 horsepower of the original version of the railways locomotive.

    It took only 69 days from “concept to execution of the conversion of the diesel locomotive to electric”.

    Locomotive launched from Varanasi to Ludhiana on December 3 after mandatory trials and ran at a maximum speed of 75km/h.


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