Bus detours and delays due to LA Marathon this Sunday

November 4, 2021

    The LA Marathon returns this Sunday, Nov. 7. Several Metro bus lines will be disrupted along the marathon route and lines that normally travel in the area of the marathon will be on detour. To avoid delays, consider Metro Rail where possible.

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    Use Moovit’s service alerts to stay on top of the changes:

    Easily find out about planned changes to your lines, and know about major disruptions along your route before planning your trip.  These changes (also known as Service Alerts) are shown as different colored icons, next to the affected line:

    • Red: Severe change, usually no service in some of the stops or the entire line
    • Yellow: Moderate or minor changes
    • Blue: Other effects or notices from the transit agency

    Tapping on these icons will show you more information on the nature of these changes.


    Where can I see these icons?

    ➔ Searching for lines on the Line tab – Tap the Line tab on the bottom of the screen to see all the city’s lines, arranged by transit types. Lines  with Service alerts will have the colored icons next to them.

    ➔ Tip: Some transit agencies have Twitter feeds, with updates on their lines’ service conditions. If any of these agencies operate in your city, you can see these updates at the top on the screen on this tab.

    ➔ Looking for the route for you – After picking your trip’s start and finish points, you will get several suggested routes. If any of the lines along your route has a Service Alert – you will see the icon on the line number on the route preview.

    When one of the lines in any of the routes has a Service Alert, you will see the icon on the affected line.

    ➔ Getting notifications in advance – If there’s a line you regularly use, you can save it as a Favorite, and we will notify you of any Service Alerts you might have. Alternatively, once you tap on the colored icon by an affected line you can turn on the toggle “Notify me about future service alerts to my line” to add the line to your Favorites.

    ➔ Side Menu -Tap Agency Alerts on the side menu (under the three lines on the top left of every screen) to see all changes to all lines in your city, arranged by transit agency.