MBTA Columbus Avenue Bus Lanes Update

November 11, 2021

    In partnership with the City of Boston, the MBTA is making improvements to Columbus Ave that will benefit bus riders, pedestrians, and the neighborhood as a whole.

    Starting October 30, riders that take bus routes 2229, and 44 can expect:

    • A new center-running bus lane from Jackson Square to Walnut Ave
    • Full replacement of eight existing bus stops with new platforms and amenities
    • Pedestrian safety and accessibility improvements—new crosswalks, ramps, signals, and curb extensions

    Columbus Avenue is just one place we’re building new bus lanes.

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    A Groundbreaking Initiative

    This project is the first of its kind in New England. Just a few blocks away, the country’s first subway opened in 1897. And, when the Columbus Avenue bus lane project is complete in 2021, it will be the first center-running bus lane in New England.

    This service incorporates elements of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)—dedicated bus lanes that are in the center (or median) of the street, eliminating conflicts with vehicular traffic and parked vehicles. This will result in faster, more reliable trips, saving riders 4 – 7 minutes along the corridor.

    Work also includes updated passenger amenities like:

    • Near-level boarding platforms
    • Upgraded digital screens and realtime arrival information
    • New bus shelters
    • Emergency call boxes