New Chelsea Commuter Rail Station

November 17, 2021

    Keep reading for MBTA’s announcement on the New Chelsea Commuter Rail station!

    On November 15, 2021, a new, fully accessible Chelsea Commuter Rail station will open, connecting the Newburyport/Rockport Line with the Silver Line 3 (SL3).

    The new station is located less than half a mile from the existing station on Arlington Street, which will close permanently on Sunday, November 14, after the last train departs at 11:11 PM.

    The new station is in the same fare zone (Zone 1A) as the soon-to-close station, and the same fall Commuter Rail schedule will remain in effect.

    Getting to the New Station

    The new station is located on Everett Avenue in Chelsea, next to the Market Basket supermarket. On opening day, signs and MBTA transit ambassadors will help guide riders as they walk along

    this route.

    Walking directions

    To get to the new station from the old one:

    1. Cross Arlington Street and travel north on 6th Street
    2. Turn left on Spruce Street and cross the train tracks
    3. Continue past MGH Chelsea and turn right on Everett Avenue
    4. The new station is on the left, after Santander Bank and before the train tracks

    View a map with a walking route to the new station (English) 

    View a map with a walking route to the new station (Spanish) 

    View a flyer about the new Chelsea Commuter Rail station (English)

    View a flyer about the new Chelsea Commuter Rail station (Spanish)

    Riders who currently use Chelsea station on Arlington Street should plan to add 10–12 minutes to their commutes to walk, or take the SL3 between the old and new stations by riding outbound from Bellingham Square to Chelsea Station.

    Please note that the new station has bicycle storage, but it does not have a parking garage or lot.

    Full Accessibility

    The new Chelsea Commuter Rail station is fully accessible (October 2021)

    The new station includes numerous fully accessible features, including the following:

    • Boarding platforms
    • Benches and canopies
    • Sidewalks and ramps

    It also has security cameras, passenger assistance telephones, and lighting throughout the station.

    Safety First

    Please do not walk along the Commuter Rail tracks or the Silver Line busway. Riders should cross tracks and busways only at marked pedestrian walkways, and watch for traffic.

    Contact MBTA

    For all questions and queries related to the Chelsea Commuter Rail station reopening, please contact

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