MBTA March Planned Service Changes

February 24, 2022


    Red Line

    • Shuttle buses replace Red Line service between JFK/UMass and Broadway the weekend of Mar 5 – 6, from start to end of service.
    • Shuttle buses replace Red Line service between Alewife and Harvard the weekend of Mar 12 – 13, from start to end of service. All trains will use the Alewife platform.

    Mattapan Trolley

    • Shuttle buses replace Mattapan Trolley service on the weekends of Mar 19 – 20 & 26 – 27 from start to end of service for vegetation removal.

    Green Line B

    • Shuttle buses replace Green Line B Branch service between Washington St and Kenmore on Wed, Mar 9, from 5:45 PM to the end of service for track work.

    All shuttle buses are accessible for persons with disabilities.


    Newburyport/Rockport Line

    • From March 5th through April 1st, all Newburyport trains will be replaced by free buses between Newburyport & Beverly on weekdays and weekends while the signal system is updated.
    • Effective every weekend starting July 3rd, a bus shuttle now provides service from Gloucester to Rockport with a departure every two hours from 7:34 am until 9:34 pm. From Rockport to Gloucester, a departure every two hours between 5:50 am until 9:50 pm.
    • Weekdays, until May 2022, buses replace inbound trains between Rockport & W Gloucester and most outbound trains between Manchester & Rockport to work on the Gloucester Drawbridge. Buses may leave intermediate stops early.

    Providence/Stoughton Line

    • On Saturdays, please board Providence Line Train 1808 (1:50 pm from Providence) on the outbound platform at Hyde Park.