MBTA Planned Service Changes

January 20, 2022

    Subway 🚇

    Green Line D

    Shuttle buses replace D Branch service between Riverside and Newton Highlands the weekend of Jan 29 – 30 to allow for vegetation removal along the tracks.

    All shuttle buses are accessible for persons with disabilities..

    Affected stops:
    Newton Highlands

    Rail 🚊

    Providence/Stoughton Line

    On Saturdays, please board Providence Line Train 1808 (1:50 pm from Providence) on the outbound platform at Hyde Park.
    Affected direction:
    InboundAffected stops:
    Hyde Park

    Newburyport/Rockport Line

    Effective every weekend starting July 3rd, a bus shuttle now provides service from Gloucester to Rockport with a departure every two hours from 7:34 am until 9:34 pm. From Rockport to Gloucester, a departure every two hours between 5:50 am until 9:50 pm.
    Inbound service:
    Depart Rockport 5:50am 7:50am 9:50am 11:50am 1:50pm 3:50pm 5:50pm 7:50pm 9:50pm
    Depart Gloucester 6:04am 8:04am 10:04am 12:04am 2:04pm 4:04pm 6:04pm 8:04pm 10:04pm
    Arrive West Gloucester 6:12am 8:12am 10:12am 12:12pm 2:12pm 4:12pm 6:12pm 8:12pm 10:12pmOutbound Service:
    Depart West Gloucester 7:26am 9:26am 11:26am 1:26pm 3:26pm 5:26pm 7:26pm 9:26pm
    Depart Gloucester 7:34am 9:34am 11:34am 1:34pm 3:34pm 5:34pm 7:34pm 9:34pm
    Arrive Rockport 7:48am 9:48am 11:48am 1:48pm 3:48pm 5:48pm 7:48pm 9:48pm

    Fitchburg Line

    On weekends through Winter 2022, buses will replace train service between Littleton & Wachusett to allow for PTC work. More info on the new schedules in effect 10/11. Passengers may experience delays up to 15 minutes.
    All bus shuttles will be free and ADA accessible, but bikes will not be allowed on board buses.
    Visit for more information on how this project will improve Commuter Rail safety and travel.

    Updated: 10/25/2021 7:33 AM
    Service Change UPCOMING
    Fitchburg Line: On Monday, January 24th & Tuesday, January 25th, buses replace weekday train service between Littleton & Wachusett to allow for work on the PTC implementation project. Normal train service will operate between Littleton & North Station.
    Normal weekday train service is expected to resume on Wednesday, January 26th.
    Visit for more information on how this project will improve commuter rail safety and travel.
    The dedicated diversion schedule is available online or for pick up at North Station.