MBTA Boston Orange Line Interior

MBTA Service Updates

April 27, 2020


  •  ‘Saturday schedule’ with increased frequency that reflects user demand on the Blue Line and Green Line E Branch


  • ‘Saturday schedule’
  • Routes 7, 501, 504 will run modified weekday service
  • Routes 325, 326, 351, 352, 354, and 710 will run weekday regular service


  •  Reduced Service
  • Providence/Stoughton Line Service Change below

Effective Monday, April 27, passengers will be able to board and deboard at the new mini high-level platform on track 1 (outbound) and on part of the adjacent platform at Mansfield Station. Work continues on the rest of the platform through May.


  • No Service

The Ride

  • Shared trips are still unavailable until further notice
  • Passengers are still required to book trips 1-3 days in advance


To view MBTA transit schedules please see the link found HERE


Safe Travels!


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