Metrorail Weekend Service Adjustments

June 19, 2019

    Orange Line, Silver Line

    • Regular weekend service

    Green Line
    • Trains every 24 minutes

    Red Line

    • Regular weekend service until 10:00 p.m.
    • Trains every 6-7 minutes between Shady Grove and Silver Spring 9AM – 9PM, and every 16 minutes 10:00 p.m. until close.

    Blue Line 

    • Regular weekend service between Reagan National Airport and New Carrollton.
    • People traveling to/from Benning Rd, Capitol Heights, Addison Rd, Morgan Blvd and Largo Town Center must use Silver Line trains.
    • Free shuttle buses replace Blue Line trains between Reagan National Airport and Franconia-Springfield.
    • Franconia-Springfield, Van Dorn Street, King St-Old Town, and Braddock Road stations will be closed.

    Yellow Line

    • Regular weekend service between Reagan National Airport and Greenbelt.
    • Free shuttle buses replace Yellow Line trains between Crystal City and Huntington.
    • Huntington, Eisenhower Avenue, King St-Old Town and Braddock Road stations will be closed.