KTM Komuter

More Trips on KTM Komuter!

May 20, 2020

    KTM Komuter adding 6 more trips and trains running later on Weekends!

    Following more than 2 months of MCO which see our KTM Komuter service being cut down to very minimal over the course of MCO. And with the commencement of Conditional MCO (CMCO), where economic activities are gradually returning to normal, so as the number of commuters on our public transport.

    From tomorrow onward (21 May 2020), KTM Berhad will add 6 more trips on Thursdays to Sundays on Padang Besar Line to cater for the increasing number of commuters, especially during the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri weekend. With the 6 additional trips, the Padang Besar Line service will also see trains running later with the last train departing at 8.25 pm from Padang Besar & Butterworth respectively.

    The additional trips on Thursdays to Sundays are as follow

    • From Padang Besar
      • 2959 @ 4.00 pm
      • 2965 @ 5.55 pm
      • 2971 @ 8.25 pm
    • From Butterworth
      • 2958 @ 3.55 pm
      • 2964 @ 6.00 pm
      • 2970 @ 8.25 pm

    * Note: Padang Rengas Line will maintain its 8 trips daily schedule until further notice.

    Please refer to Moovit App for station-specific departure time

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