Track your bus for free as GPS feeds go live

December 20, 2018
    Very soon, Delhi commuters will be able to find out the exact position and expected time of arrival of their bus at the bus stop.

    Delhi government is going to open the transit data of buses, including live GPS feeds.
    At present, however, only 1,675 DIMTS can be monitored as these have operational GPS devices and not 3,882 (DTC) buses.
    The government will add real time data of DTC buses on the portal as soon as a new GPS vendor for DTC is in place.

    The Open Transit Data (OTD) portal — provides geo-coordinates of all bus stops, route maps, timetables as well as the real time GPS feeds of bus locations every 10 seconds.
    It will also monitor in real time if buses are stopping at bus stops, whether they are out shedding in time and whether they are covering the whole route or not.

    All this data will be provided in a machine-readable and globally-accepted transit data standard called the General Transit Feed Specification(GTFS). This will enable app-builders to provide ETA at bus stops, position of the vehicle, alert etc.

    Moovit wishes you happy and safe travelling!!




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