Metro Sydney

Sydney & NSW - Extra ferry services over summer

December 13, 2023

    Extra ferry services will be in place from Saturday 16 December 2023 to Sunday 28 January 2024 to accommodate the increased passenger volume over the summer holiday period.

    The return of the Queenscliff ferry to the F1 Manly to Circular Quay route will provide additional capacity on the route during the busy summer months.

    After an early retirement in October 2021, the Queenscliff has made a return to the Circular Quay to Manly run following months of careful restoration work.

    Extra services will be added to three routes over the summer holiday period:

    • F1 Manly: Freshwater class vessels will run hourly, meaning an additional 10 services daily or an extra 70 services weekly.
    • F2 Taronga Zoo: There will be an additional 10 services each weekday or an extra 50 services each week, running to a 15-minute frequency on weekdays.
    • F3 Parramatta River: There will be an additional 14 services each weekday and an additional 26 services each weekend, meaning an extra 96 weekly services operating between Sydney Olympic Park and Circular Quay. There will also be an extension of eight trips each Sunday between Sydney Olympic Park and Circular Quay.
    Source: TfNSW