The T Weekly Updates

August 19, 2020

    Weekday Service Levels, August 17-21

    Bus and Silver line

    🚏 Modified weekday service on high-demand routes.

     Modified Saturday service on most routes.

     🚏No service on the following routes: CT2, CT3, 4, 27, 52, 62*, 67, 68, 72, 76*, 79, 84, 85, 114, 121, 131, 170, 202, 214, 217, 221, 325, 326, 351, 352, 424,         428, 434, 439, 451, 456, 501, 502, 503, 505, 554, 556, and 558. Use trip planner to find an alternate route.

    *Note: Routes 62 and 76 have been replaced by Route 62/76.


    Ⓜ️ Regular weekday service on all lines.

     Note that scheduled shuttles are running:

    🗓️ Heath Street – Prudential through August 29

    🗓️ Lechmere – North Station through Spring 2021

    Commuter Rail

    ⚠️ Modified weekday service on all lines.

     For riders on the Providence/Stoughton Line and Franklin Line: In accordance with the travel order in effect, passengers from Rhode Island coming to Massachusetts can travel without restriction for their work and school activities only. Passengers from Rhode Island not traveling for work or school must quarantine for 14 days or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.


    ⛴️ Reduced weekday service for Hingham/Hull.

    ⛴️ Regular weekday service for Charlestown.

    The RIDE

    🚐Fare collection on The RIDE will resume on August 1.
    All trips must be booked 1 – 3 days in advance. Previously booked trips are not affected by this change.

    🚐The RIDE will make every effort to eliminate transfer trips to reduce customer interaction with multiple drivers. Shared trips have been eliminated. RIDE customers can still bring a personal care attendant or guest on their trip.

    🚐To cancel or reschedule your trip, call The Ride Access Center (TRAC).

    🚐The RIDE Eligibility Center (TREC) is closed until further notice.


    Systemwide August Updates (2020)

    LineUpdateAffected Stops/Lines
    Red LineShuttle buses replace Red Line service between Braintree and Quincy Center from Mon – Thu beginning at 8:45 PM through the end of service from Jul 20 – Aug 27.Affected stops:
    Quincy Center
    Quincy Adams
    Orange LineNorth Station will be bypassed northbound on weekends from Aug 21 through Oct 4, beginning Friday evenings at 8:45 PM. Customers can exit at Community College and cross the platform for North Station serviceAffected direction:
    NorthboundAffected stop:
    North Station

    Green Line E



    Shuttle buses will replace train service between Prudential and Heath Street at all times from Sunday, August 2 to Saturday August 29. Shuttles run all day, every day, including nights and weekends. Riders can also take Route 39, which runs between Forest Hills and Back Bay, for free.



    Affected stops:
    Northeastern University
    Museum of Fine Arts
    Longwood Medical Area
    Brigham Circle
    Fenwood Road
    Mission Park
    Back of the Hill
    Heath Street

    Coronavirus Updates for August 17-23, 2020

    The following changes to service and operations have been made to protect the health and safety of essential workers who rely on public transit, as well as our frontline staff.

    • All riders and employees are required to wear face coverings while riding the T.
    • Service levels prioritize essential travel for healthcare and emergency workers.
    • Shared trips on The RIDE have been eliminated. RIDE customers can still bring a personal care attendant or guest on their trip.
    • The CharlieCard Store is closed until further notice.
    • MBTA installed new protective barriers and decals at the front of vehicles to help maintain distance between riders and operators, allowing passengers to resume front-door boarding on buses and at street-level trolley stops. Riders who are able should board at the front door and exit at the rear door. (Note: Shuttles between North Station and Lechmere will continue to board at the rear door until further notice.)
    • Standard fare collection processes have resumed on buses and trolleys, and will resume on August 1 on The RIDE.
    • Bus operators have the option—with approval from the Control Center—to bypass a stop if they feel the bus is becoming too crowded to safely accommodate any more riders.
    • Stations and vehicles are being cleaned and sanitized with increased frequency
    • More COVID updates HERE

    Safe Travels,

    The Moovit Team