Updated public transit use guidelines

June 25, 2020

Dear passengers,

We have collected the latest updates you should know regarding public transportation use nowadays.

🚆 Israel Railways renews its service

Israel Railways is back after a period of three months, please note the following updated guidelines.

  1. Prior to every train ride, it is mandatory to book a ride voucher. You can book it on Israel Railways website or at *5770
  2. During your visit to the train station, platforms and trains, wearing a mask is mandatory. Eating and drinking during this time is also forbidden
  3. Contact with surfaces should be reduced
  4. Keep social distance
  5. Passengers with illness symptoms will not be allowed to board the trains

Note that some stations will remain closed and night trains will not operate until further notice. Moovit’s Trip Planner is updated accordingly.

🚌 Buses guidelines

  1. Payment will be accepted by ‘Rav Kav’ card only and charging the card will be available only in advance at charging stations
  2. Passengers are required to wear a mask during all rides
  3. Standing in intercity buses is not allowed
  4. Passengers with illness symptoms are requested not to use buses

🚗 Carpool – Ride Sharing

Moovit’s Carpool, in collaboration with Waze, is available and you are more than welcome to give it a try. Simply, plan a trip in Moovit and we will try to connect you with a driver. Wearing a mask during Carpool rides is highly reccomended.

Please follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and not participate in Carpool in case you are having illness symptoms, for your own health and safety as well as that of those around you.

Safe travels 🙂

The Moovit Team