Your bus is arriving now! Real-Time arrival now available in Delhi

November 21, 2019

    “Your bus is now arriving!” Time to get used to this message!

    Riding the bus had just become more productive for people in New Delhi! From today onward, we are rolling out Next Arrival, or also known as Real-Time feature in the city*. That’s mean a more productive journey and knowing the right time to walk to the bus stop near you!

    What does it mean for me?

    We know the frustration of the bus not coming on time and unannounced changes which led to you waiting at the bus stop, at times under the sun or the rain, for a bus that comes only 1 hour after. With the Next Arrival feature, the arrival time shown are based on bus current GPS location and estimated to arrive at your location in real-time! More accurate information means you’ll spend time doing what is matter while less time waiting for the bus!

    How do I know the arrival times are “Real-Time”?

    When you plan your journey, do check out the Green time with flashing wave on the left. If the green flashing time isn’t showing, the next bus probably hasn’t departed origin terminal yet.

    RT in Delhi


    *Selected routes of orange bus only

    You ride, Moovit guides!